Strategic Planning

Although it’s tempting to dive into Marketing your business or product straight away, especially when sales are down, you know the old saying …

“Fail to plan, plan to fail”

Ad-hoc or knee jerk reaction Marketing, only using a limited number of communication channels, may bring results in the short term, but it won’t set you up for long term growth and success.


For long term business growth and success, you need a Marketing Plan.

For a half day or full day meeting (dependent on size of business and extent of need) we can create a 6-12 month Marketing Plan for you and your business.

The plan is totally bespoke and tailored to your resource/man power, financial budget and of course your business objectives and target audiences.

The plan is fully integrated, meaning that it encompasses both online and offline marketing channels, and how they work together to boost return on investment.

By implementing the plan you will not only see your business grow, but what a relief not to panic at short deadlines or last minute opportunities, knowing that you have planned for them well in advance and researched all relevant opportunities up front.

Stop the pendulum swing of working on versus working in your business – determined by sales or lack thereof.

PLAN YOUR MARKETING for a constant, consistent presence.