How to choose professional Marketing support for your business.

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  • So, you need Marketing support for your business or company?
  • But you don’t really know where to go or who to choose?
  • This blog is for you. Read on.

When you move into a new area, Horsham West Sussex for example, finding a: reliable, trustworthy, honest, fully qualified and insured plumber or painter and decorator for example, can be a real challenge.


Where do you go? Who do you ask?

Luckily, the advent of technology steps in here. No longer do you need to ask a few neighbours and just hope and pray that they have the same standards as you, and that you’ll be happy with the workmanship. Or rifle through past issues of the local press. No, it’s much simpler now, just go to or and read the reviews for people in your area.


But what about Marketing support?

There may not be a checkatrade for Marketing personnel, but here are 5 top tips to check if your current or potential Marketing consultant / agency is right for you.


1)    Experience and Qualifications. Find out the experience and qualifications of your current or potential consultant. How many years have they been working full time in Marketing? Have you heard of the companies they’ve worked for previously? Do they have a degree or further education specifically in Marketing? Do they have B2B, B2C or both in terms of experience?

2)    Knowledge and Training. How up to date is your contact’s knowledge? Do they regularly attend training days and workshops? Are they on a CPD programme for Marketing? Are they an active member of the Chartered Institute or Marketing and other relevant bodies? Do they keep up with current developments and changes in the industry ongoing?

3)    Testimonials. Check their website for testimonials from past clients. How many of them are there? Do they look genuine and authentic? Is there anyone from your industry or sector? Do their comments match your needs?

4)    Linkedin Endorsements and Recommendations. View the profile of the team members, or head consultant, on Linkedin. Do they have an adequate number of endorsements and recommendations? Do they seem genuine? Do you like what you’re reading?

5)    Their Marketing. What about the marketing of the company you’re currently working with, or thinking about working with. Do you like it? Is it professional and consistent? Do they blog? Do they have a solid social media strategy? Do they have engaging and attractive marketing collateral? Do they network? Do they advertise or appear in the local press? Are they walking the talk and inspiring you to do the same with their actions?


So there you have it. 5 top tips on what to consider when evaluating who to choose to support the marketing of your business.

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