Copying the Copywriter. Here’s how it’s done in Horsham

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Ah, copywriting.  That illusive art of the written word. Some say ‘content is king’, but really I think ‘copy is king’.  Good copy invokes an emotion, a feeling, a connection with its reader.

Great copy, however, invokes an action.

Having just been on a copywriting course by the Sussex Branch of the Chartered Institute of Marketing today, I can genuinely say that my copywriting skills are not only top notch, but 100% up to date.

Here’s what you need to know to achieve effective, compelling and powerful copy.

The AIDA technique is a world reknowned and very successful method for writing great and successful copy. But what does it stand for?

A = ATTENTION.  Grab your audience’s attention with a punchy, catchy, maybe even clever or risky headline. Make it strong. You only have one chance to make a first impression.

I = INTEREST.  Once you’ve attracted your reader’s attention you now need to develop and maintain their interest. Provide some key facts and details, make it relevant to them, how you offer a solution to their problem.

D = DESIRE.  Mention all the key benefits, the positive outcome, how they will feel after using your product or service. Give real examples, maybe a case study. 

A = ACTION.  Turn your reader into a trialist of your service or product. Invoke action and a sale. This is the call to action.

So there you go. Now you try. Next time you’re writing a piece of copy, put the AIDA system into use and see how it improves your writing.

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