Specialists in Marketing

  • Perhaps you know a lot about Marketing
  • Perhaps you don’t
  • One thing I’m sure of however, is that you’ve spoken to other businesses or agencies who claim to be ‘specialists’ or ‘experts’ in Marketing, and therefore able to help you grow your business
  • Well, chances are, they’re not specialists at all, and they can’t help … not in the long term at least

So, what makes a Specialist in Marketing? 

Well a quick Google search will  bring out the definition of: “A professional who analyses the potential of a given company and oversees the creation of programmes and other tools, that will help the company to become a success.”

I would add to that, a professional who is at the top of their game, with important, relevant and up to date qualifications in their specialist subject. On top of substantial experience.

Not to forget, a professional who constantly updates their knowledge and is at the leading edge of their profession.

Marketing isn’t Rocket Science

Very few things are, in fact. You might be able to do it yourself, or cajole your administration team, or sales team into performing such roles as Social Media, email marketing or blogging – which keep you ‘playing’ in the marketing sphere and may well bring some results initially.

But this isn’t a long term or effective strategy. If you outsource your Marketing to the professionals you will have a WIN, WIN. More time for you and your team to focus your energies on what you do best, and make more revenue from it. Better, more effective, more targeted and professional marketing, which will bring in more revenue from its successful ROI. Think long term!

Choose Sky High Marketing

Choose the Specialists. Sky High Marketing work as a partner to your business, coming into your office (or working from their own, whichever you prefer) for 1/2 a day a month or up to 1 day a week:

  • Your strategy will be researched and set
  • Your direction will be clear
  • Your marketing plan will be detailed and on budget and resource
  • And all your marketing activities will be co-ordinated and delivered like clockwork
  • Giving you professional, creative, strategic and effective Marketing

Oh yes, and we’re really nice too! :)